Self Care

It seems lately that so many conversations have circled back to self care. It really is at the core of our happiness. It helps us maintain our physical, emotional and mental health. It helps us feel more connected to ourselves and the world around us. The health of our body, mind and spirit are essential to safeguarding our wellbeing!

So what is Self Care? Here are the top 10 ( in my opinion) activities of self care you can put to practice every day.

  1. Get enough sleep. Sleep is vital for emotional & physical wellbeing. It impacts your ability to handle stress, be productive and function properly. You can incorporate things like time management strategies and relaxation techniques into your daily routine to help promote better sleep habits.
  2. Maintain Proper Nutrition. Poor diet makes you more vulnerable to stress. Plan ahead to avoid quick, unhealthy food choices. Keep it simple, use a crock pot or recruit some help from the family. Always have healthy snacks on hand so you can make healthy food choices.
  3. Exercise Regularly. Exercise provides stress release and keeps the body healthy. It releases endorphins that increase feelings of overall wellbeing. Endorphins relieve pain & induce feelings of pleasure & euphoria….so a little exercise between the sheets works too!!
  4. Social Support. Friends can lift you up and provide insight and  laughter when you may need to blow off some steam.
  5. Get A Hobby. Distraction from stress relieves tension. Enjoy things like gardening, painting, music, cleaning the house or garage and of course don’t forget the exercise between the sheets!
  6. Have Some ME Time. Self pampering does wonders for your inner self. There’s no room for guilt here…you deserve this!
  7. Stay Sharp.  A sharp mind makes you more equipped to solve problems and take on challenges. Play games and learn new things.
  8. Keep A Positive Attitude. Optimism decreases your stress level and brings more success in your life. Replace negative thinking for more positive thoughts. Affirmations are a great way to start!
  9. Process Emotions. Bottled up emotions lead to emotion explosions. Its our signal that something isn’t right in our situation. Journaling will help you get it out of your head and provide refection for you later.
  10. Spiritual Practice. Prayer, meditation, whatever your personal practice is, nurture your soul. Those who have a spiritual practice have healthier lifestyles in general.


If you would like some accountability in implementing these self care activities into your life,  I can help you do this! Spend 4 weeks with me, we’re talking just 28 days to positively change your life. 

Nobody achieves excellence at anything without coaching!

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