Health Living On Purpose starts with the right coach

  • Tired of those huge lists of things you cannot eat?
  • Exhausted by giving away more than you receive?
  • Overwhelmed by stress at work?
  • Want an acceptable work – life balance?
  • Not as healthy as you’d like to be?
  • Need some help shopping for the foods that will empower you?
  • Ready to accomplish your goals in a way that’s satisfying and exciting?

I have been there……


I will provide ongoing support and guidance so that you can make sustainable changes to improve your health and live a life worth living!

What does a Wellness Coach do?

A Wellness Coach guides, mentors and empowers you to develop simple strategies to improve your health and transform your life. Each person is unique and one diet does not fit all. We set attainable goals, break them into manageable steps, identify and overcome personal barriers that lead to sustainable, healthy change through individualized wellness plans. I truly believe one of the most effective ways to change your life is to change what you eat. The better you feed yourself the better you feel and the bigger impact you will have on the planet!

Learn how nutrition can be your most powerful tool while creating healthier habits that serve your body now and for the rest of your life.


Personal Health & Nutrition Coaching

Group Health & Nutrition Coaching,

Pantry Rehab, Grocery Store Field Trips & in home Cooking Demos.

Packages run for 21 days,  6 weeks, 90 days or 6 months.

*Remote coaching is available *

Cold Cap Therapy Coach: Helping to minimize chemotherapy induced hairloss

visit the Cold Cap Therapy Web Page for more information


Health & Nutrition Coaching Packges

“Eating Pretty-Living Well”

Go from SURVIVING to THRIVING in just 6 weeks!

Desired Results: increased energy, clearer thinking, improved sleep, weight loss, self awareness, ability to deconstruct cravings and identify trigger foods.

 Recipe for Results:  

Initial strategy session

Three, 50-minute  check-in meetings with your coach

Pantry Rehabilitation

Grocery Store Field Trip

Personal Cooking Demo for you and your friends

Email support between visits

Simple & healthy delicious recipes

*Coaching packages start at $540 and run for 6 weeks.

Buy now and receive our SUMMER SPECIAL price of $399!!!

“Self Care Package” – Say Yes To You!

Spend 4 weeks making YOU a priority. Rediscover YOU in just 28 days and experience increased happiness and contentment with you who are. It has been said that you can create or break a habit in just 21 days.  Get the tools and support you need to be energized and passionate about your life again. We will meet once a week spending time going over the necessary self care activities for you to implement daily, that will positively change  your life and empower you to live healthy on purpose! $299

“nobody achieves excellence at anything without coaching”

Group Health & Nutrition Coaching
Your vibe attracts your tribe!

“12 Weeks of Flourish!”

Join other women on their personal health journey and watch each other blossom! Have more energy, gain insight into cravings, learn key ingredients to losing and painting  healthy weight, manage your stress, connect with women on the same mission providing support and motivation. This 12 weeks will be life changing!

Included in your “12 Weeks of Flourish”:
  • An initial strategy session with your health coach to set your personal goals.
  • A Facebook page for daily connection with the group.
  • A new Wellness Focus each week.
  • Two individual accountability meetings with your health coach each month.
  • Monthly wellness gatherings with the group that includes a grocery store field trip and cooking demos!

12 Weeks of Flourish! Begins 10/2/17 & runs for 12 weeks for only $195 a month.

*Refer a friend and receive a 10% discount off your price.

*Pay in full and receive a 10% discount off your price.

Space is limited so secure your spot now! 

Package of 6 Coaching Sessions

Don’t know what to do about a major life decision? Need help sorting through some stressful issues? These sessions can be used in sequence or when you feel you need them the most. We will help you focus directly on your unique situation, so you can walk away feeling confident and ready to make that healthy decision.


Grocery Store Field Trips
Organic, grass fed, cage free, gluten free…? Grocery shopping can be confusing! Learn what you should (and shouldn’t) be filling your cart with as we cruise the store together. After this informative and fun field trip you will feel empowered to make good, healthy food choices without all that unnecessary stress!



It’s Time For You To Blossom!