Cold Cap Therapy


Scalp cooling therapy, also known as cold cap therapy, is a manaual cooling system process that minimizes chemotherapy-induced hair loss. Cooling the scalp causes constriction of the small blood vessels (capillaries) that supply the blood to the hair follicles. By constricting the blood vessels, you reduce the concentration of chemotherapy that actually gets to the hair follicles.  The hair follicles are among the fastest growing and dividing cells in the body, chemotherapy targets rapidly dividing cells such as cancer, but also the hair follicles. By cooling the hair follicles, you put them in a hibernation-like state and lower the metabolic activity to make them less susceptible helping to prevent them from exposure to the toxicity of chemotherapy.  

Cold Caps are essentially large ice packs that are folded around the head, fitted tightly, and alternated approximately every 25-30 minutes. The caps are worn on treatment days starting an hour before chemotherapy begins, during the full treatment time at the infusion center, and for a pre-designated time after chemotherapy ends.

Scalp cooling is very effective with studies showing that more than 60% of patients keep more than 50% of their hair! The effectiveness of scalp cooling is different for everyone. Success is based on many factors including chemotherapy type and regimen, quality and type of hair, and starting the capping on the first day of treatment. 

Scalp cooling has been used for decades on patients with certain types of cancers, primarily solid tumor cancers with certain chemotherapy medications.  Please talk with your doctor to see if scalp cooling is right for you. 

Cold Cap Therapy Services:

Capping Coach:

In Home Training Prior To First Infusion

We guide you and your chosen capper through the entire prepping and capping process preparing you to safely & sucessfully do the capping hourself. This includes the preparation of the cooler with the dry ice and the management of the caps and how to fit them.

This two-hour training can be done in the comfort of your own home or virtually if you prefer.

Personal Capping Coach

We will manage your caps and cooler, pick up the dry ice and meet you at each of your treatments to provide the full day of capping for you. We can also help you with icing your hands and feet to help minimize neuropathy side effects of the chemotherapy.

Financial Resources

The decision to cap should not be based on financial reasons. We want to help eliminate those financial barriers by connecting you with the resources available for need-based financial assistance.

Additional resources are available and can be found by visiting .

It is crucial to contact us BEFORE your first chemo treatment to fully maximize the success of the cold cap benefits.

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