A Shift In Consciousness

Lately I’ve had a strong desire to be alone. Not depressed, not sad, not feeling sorry for myself, just a strong desire to be alone. I’ve been content with staying home without any motivation to go anywhere or hang out with anyone, and I’m fine with it. I actually like it. I’m noticing and feeling everything and it feels good. I have no stress.  I’ve been a little anti social for a pretty social chick! My flexible life allows me to make these decisions so I’m very grateful because I’m sure I would be fired by now!  Is this some sort of self nurturing? Do I need this quiet thinking phase subconsciously? Where is this coming from? I talked it over with a favorite lifelong friend of mine and she nailed it. She said, “you’re not excited”. NOPE. And another awesome favorite friend asked me if there was a shift happening…YES! Both these smart grounded women are spot on and I’m so grateful for them. I guess I havn’t been that anti social!   


So, I did a little research, as I do, and learned that I am not falling into a deep depression, I’m not lazy, I’m experiencing a shift in consciousness, shifting to higher elevations of vibration. When we begin to feel overwhelmed by the world’s stimulation we need to shut down and allow our body to recharge. A need to quiet the mind. I have been craving meditation and prayer because during these moments I feel connected to a higher purpose.  I don’t’ want control, I want to let go! Am I experiencing a Spiritual Awakening?


I’ve been asking myself if things still fit in my life. You know, starting to question the people I surround myself with and my purpose and what am I doing in this place of space? Funny thing is this is actually the very job I’ve chosen for myself, helping others get happy & healthy inside and out. I’m a wellness coach. I help my clients de-clutter the old parts of themselves and discover a healthier way of life; mind, body and spirit. Healthy is a choice.  So I’ve been treating myself as I would coach a client. I’ve given myself permission to move this through, paying attention, listening to my body, taking care of my needs, taking account of what truly makes me happy, removing negativity, so I can continue on this journey of finding my authentic self. Peeling back the layers. 


Wow, I am experiencing a massive shift! I feel myself changing physically, emotionally and spiritually. Taking relationships into account, setting boundaries, removing those who do not have my best intentions at heart. I’m also seeing signs and synchronicity everywhere!  I’ve been experiencing food allergies with food I’ve eaten all my life. I have been unhappy with the extra weight I’m carrying especially because I take care of myself!  Anger, fear, resentments all gather up in our bodies forcing us to hold on to weight. Hmmmmm. I”m listening.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been here which is why I’m embracing it. Good things come when we grow and accept change. My inner guidance, higher self, God… is talking to me. The inner voice that comes from my soul. I’m following that. You should follow that. I know it will strengthen my authentic purpose in this life and it will do the same for yours.

2 thoughts on “A Shift In Consciousness

  1. wow! good for you for noticing… and for staying true to yourself. It’s really easy ( I know from experience!) to ignore the signs and ‘push through’. The hard work is being patient and listening… Keep us posted!

    • It was literally just weeks after I posted the shift in consciousness blog that we had a major family emergency that put one of my sisters in the trauma ICU for almost 3 months and as a result, took me away from my business. I find it very interesting as if I was being prepped for this. Either way….things have greatly improved with my sister. She is on her way to better health and I am grateful I was able to be there for her and our family. Now, back to business!

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