6 Weeks of Happy Healthy Holidays!!

6 Weeks of Happy Healthy Holidays!

This year CAN be different. You CAN keep your waistline and your sanity during the Holidays! Thanksgiving is just right around the corner. You are just days away from plunging into a season filled with eggnog, booze, work parties, family obligations, and an overabundance of FOOD and STRESS!

Manage your holidays before they manage you!!!

I’m offering you 6 weeks of personal support & accountability to keep you on track this holiday season. What you will get:

  • One realistic goal setting session (in person, skype or phone)
  • 3 additional follow up sessions ( in person, skype or phone) for support, guidance, follow through and to make adjustments to the plan, if needed
  • Healthy recipes
  • Nutrition & Stress tips 
  • Weekly check – in contact from your coach.

This package is valued at $275. As my first gift of the season, I’m offering 6 weeks of personal nutritional, emotional and physical support for just $175!! No food police…we will work on a plan fit for your unique personality and  situation. Just simple yet strategic plans to help you have a delicious, healthful, and joyful Holiday Season!

Be the recipient of your first gift this Holiday season. Bring back the magic by taking care of yourself.  You deserve it. After all, your gut and butt are at stake here!

We start Monday, November 14th so don’t delay – this is one list you definitely want to be on!          


Happy Healthy Holidays!!